Talent Services

At TechPlusTalent we understand that finding the right talent for your technical and non-technical needs is tough. We have built a strong team of experts who are an extension of your team. 100% of our staff is certified with industry recognized credentials. When you engage you get:

  1. Certified Resources
  2. Shared Manager for Escalations and Feedback
  3. On-call resources based on demand to add scale during busy times or disaster
  4. White-label services

How we Engage

24 hours:

We analyze your request and schedule a discussion to better understand your outsourcing needs. For requests with JDs, we reply with the CVs of the right-fit candidates.

2-4 business days:

We organize interviews with the candidates for full outsourcing and dedicated team models, whilst we work in the background to assemble a self-managed team.

1 week:

We look to wrap up scope and draft up the Services contract.

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